Peyronie's Sydnrome can be confirmed by a qualified urologist, without recourse to expensive tests or xrays. It has a characteristic history:

  • Pain with erection
  • Bending and or indentation of the erection
  • Loss of penile length
  • In some cases, pain is absent


There are specific findings on examination:

  • One or more hardened areas, or Peyronies plaque, within the wall of the erection chamber
  • Reduced elasticity of the flaccid penis

Bent penile injury pictures, usually taken at home by the patient, can establish the degree and type of distortion present. They become an important record of the condition, and are helpful for tracking response to therapy.

Xrays or ultrasound pictures are not madatory, but they can show when plaque calcification has occurred. This finding, which relates to the potential reversibility of the condtion, is also important when Peyronies Disease Treatment is being considered.

Testing the integrity of the erection mechanism is occasionally recommended prior to surgery.

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