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 I have had my first set of injections. My question is in reference to protocol. I asked my MD how he could tell the area where I had my plaque. He indicated that he could feel it and there was no need to be erect and to mark the spot. When he injected the medication he went in more from the top than the side and indicated that plaque was thick. One could tell because he was forceful with the injection. My questions are was this the correct process? Why did he not use the protocol? Should I change MDs? I know that this drug is expensive and I want to make sure I am getting full benefit. I did make an appointment with another MD (who was in the trials) but that will be 7 weeks after my first set of injections and by the time the drug gets precerted it could be a total of 9 plus weeks out from the first set of injections. My question is that too long of a time to wait for the second set of injections?
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