Bent penile implant surgery is for men whose Peyronie’s disease is complicated by severe erectile dysfunction that has not responded to less invasive treatments. While results are excellent in appropriate patients, the recovery period is considerably longer than it is in the other surgical options.

Bent Penis Surgery Approach

The bent penis surgery begins with Surgical openings made in each corpora allow their interior space to be measured for the placement of implant cylinders. When the bent penis deformity has been carefully studied, a series of small incisions into the tunica albuginea release the scarring and allow the distended corpora to straighten.





A pump placed in the scrotum operates inflatable implants, by tranferring fluid from an intraabdominal reservoir into the cylinders.

Risks & Results

The mechanical hardware has its own inherent failure rate. Over a ten year period, approximately 12% of patients will require minor surgical revisions for replacement of parts. The risk that either infection, persistant pain, or tissue damage will mandate removal of the implants is less than 2%. Implants will not extend the penis quite as much as a natural erection; most men will percieve a slight loss of length. Postoperative sensory problems occur in less than 5% of cases. Overall, satisfaction with results is reported in approximately 90% of patients.


Inflatable Implant




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