Seeking a Peyronies Cure: Links about Curvature of the Penis

Peyronies disease is rarely a serious physical condition. However, finding a Peyronies cure is crucial to each patient. The psychological impact from a curvature of the penis can be significant. Please explore the resources below as you or a family member find a Peyronies cure. Learn more about Dr. Martin Gelbard and his research seeking a cure for Peyronies Disease.
The Mayo Clinic Patient information system.
A nation wide referral source to physicians trained in and dedicated to the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
The American Urological Association, a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of urologic patient care and curvature of the penis.
The majority of important contemporary research is printed in The Journal of Urology.
An excellent site with discussion sections and referral guide
Locates experienced physicians geographically
interactive forum / chat room