The Nesbit Operation & Procedure


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Vacuum Chamber

The Nesbit operation is not for men with “hourglass” deformity, or diameter constriction. Learn more about the Nesbit procedure below or ask Dr. Gelbard a personalized question in the Peyronies disease forum.

If used to correct severe bending, it will cause significant shortening. It is the method of choice for straightening congenital curvature of the penis.


nesbit approach illustrationAfter the appropriate section of the corprora is exposed surgically, carefully measured tucks are temporarily created by the application of clamps. The effect created by this gathering is determined by artificial erection, or inflating the corpora with sterile physiologic salt solution. When the tucks have been adjusted to effectively straighten the inflated corpora, they are marked and sutured.

Risks & Results

Shortening of the penis occurs in all Nesbit operation cases. Permanent sensory loss or erectile dysfunction complicates less than 2% of cases. About 90% of Peyronie’s patients, and 96% of men with congenital curvature are completely satisfied with the results.

Peyronies Disease

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Congenital Curvature

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